Accountability – what does this really mean and how does AVERTEX apply, view and integrate it?

At AVERTEX we are firm believers in accountability. To us, accountability is the obligation to account for our actions, accept responsibility for them and disclose the results in a transparent manner. In essence, accountability is a moral relationship between us and all stakeholders.

In order to effectively implement this belief and moral responsibility we hold ourselves accountable in four key areas:

  • to our employees – by providing a safe, healthy, and rewarding place to work
  • to our customers – through performing quality work at a fair price
  • to our environment – by utilizing low-impact construction methods
  • to our community – through involvement and sponsorship

AVERTEX monitors internal trends and processes to illuminate areas that require attention. Subsequently, positive changes are implemented as we endeavour to reach our goals. We hold ourselves accountable for our moral responsibility and our clients’ needs.