AVERTEX is committed to assisting our customers in building and maintaining the most innovative, reliable and cost-effective systems possible. Whether in the construction of fibre optic or copper networks or in the maintenance of existing systems, AVERTEX has the expertise and the resources to serve our customers’ needs.

Our expert capabilities have allowed us to be involved in projects as diverse as rehabilitating infrastructure in a busy city intersection to installing fibre optic cable networking along roads and railways across Canada to maintaining some of the largest telecommunications networks in the country.

Over the last number of years, AVERTEX has also been working with several telecommunication providers to install Fibre-to-the-Home for their customers. Our large fleet of equipment and the ability to staff up as needed has positioned AVERTEX well to assist our clients in meeting their need to light up the next town.

With this being one of our primary sectors, the experience of our staff shines through. Most of our employees have completed many projects in this sector over the decades and have trained new recruits along the way.

Our project experience involves installation for:

  • infrastructure utility relocations and rebuilds
  • network expansion projects
  • fibre-to-the-home builds
  • trans-Canada backbone fibre networks
  • additional end-user builds
  • submarine landings and cable landing stations

Our methods for installation and maintenance include:

  • plowing, trenching or directional boring
  • hydro-vac excavation
  • precast or cast-in-place concrete construction
  • fibre jetting or cable pulling
  • fibre and/or copper splicing

Leading Edge Operators

AVERTEX prides itself on maintaining a professional and reliable fleet that is ready to service our customer’s needs.

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Experienced Boring Professionals

The team at AVERTEX has been directional boring since its inception in Ontario. Let us help you avoid pitfalls.