Electrical Utilities

AVERTEX strives to be a quality, low-cost provider of electrical distribution systems, whether that is for new cabling, a duct bank system, or for rehabilitating an existing system. Many projects have been completed using horizontal directional drilling (HDD) technology but many more have been completed in the conventional trench method. Our experienced and trained staff together with our wide range of equipment is easily adapted to meet the needs of our underground electrical distribution customers.
Much of our work in this sector is completed for various hydro utility companies on a tendered basis with either a lump sum, unit rate or hourly-based contract.
Our experience includes projects for:
  • existing primary and/or secondary rehabilitation
  • new residential or industrial subdivisions
  • commercial primary feeds
  • oil containment structures transformer
  • civil works for switching and/or transformer stations
  • submarine landings and cable landing stations
Our construction services include methods such as:
  • direct buried ducts/conduits
  • concrete encased duct banks
  • direct buried cables
  • directional boring HDPE conduit
  • precast manholes, underground vaults and chambers
  • cast-in-place concrete manholes
  • breakout and replace existing structures

Grounded Contractor

AVERTEX has the safety and experience to build or upgrade your network.

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