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Rock Boring (Horizontal Directional Drilling)

We have a wide range of drills in our fleet complemented by experienced and well-educated operators and backed by some of the industry’s most knowledgeable managers. Over the years AVERTEX has completed many kilometres of rock boring utilizing both traditional mud motors with hole openers as well as pneumatic percussion (air hammer) tooling.

Rock Trenching

From their early construction days, the founders of AVERTEX have been using trenchers when the project suits. This tradition has continued. With our advanced fleet of trenches, we have tackled tens of kilometres of rock trench. Our expertise in this area has proven invaluable and has assisted many contractors in completing their project on time. AVERTEX has a range of rock trenchers available for implementation.

AXIS Guided Boring

The AXIS™ Guided Boring system is a pit-launched trenchless installation machine designed to achieve pinpoint, on-grade accuracy while eliminating some of the difficult steps associated with other installation techniques. The versatile guided boring system can install a wide range of product pipe to meet various jobsite requirements and specifications. AVERTEX can now offer precise trenchless installation of sewer and water pipes at any grade, in a range of pipe materials and diameters.

Pipe Bursting

Pipe bursting uses the existing host pipe as a pathway to install a new product in the same place. This is achieved by sending a cable or rod through the host pipe and pulling back a burst head with the product pipe attached. There are two types, static and pneumatic. Both have their pros and cons but generally, they are used for water and sewer respectively.

AVERTEX has completed a number of pipe bursting projects for general contractors and for some of our own projects. We look to share that knowledge with our clients to reduce the project impact on local residents and overall costs in some cases.

Culvert Cleaning

AVERTEX’ culvert cleaning technique utilizes horizontal directional drilling (HDD) technology. HDD enables remote access to problem areas as well as the manipulation of the culvert cleaning tools in confined spaces. This process is safe and highly effective while maintaining the integrity of the culvert and the avenue under which it passes.

We have cleaned culverts as large as 1600mm and as long as 250m under expressways, roads, railways and driveways. When the culvert is no longer structurally sound there are options available to reline it without having to open cut.

Subdrain Trenching

With our fleet of trenches, AVERTEX is well-positioned to complete roadway subdrain excavation work.

Pipe Ramming

Although not very commonly used in the industry, AVERTEX owns the necessary equipment and is set up to complete pipe ramming projects.

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The team at AVERTEX has been directional boring since its inception in Ontario. Let us help you avoid pitfalls.