Our Services

AVERTEX performs a wide range of contracting services within the utility installation industry. Whether performing work for your fibre deployment, telecommunication upgrade, water and wastewater project or for your electrical network, AVERTEX performs the following services to complete your project.

Horizontal Directional Drilling

A trenchless installation method that allows for the installation of conduit, pipe or cable with minimal disruption to the ground surface.

Trenching & Excavation

The traditional digging method via mechanical means (backhoe, excavators) for the installation of pipe/conduit/duct, cables, structures or chambers.

Hydro Excavation

A method of excavation that uses a combination of water pressure and vacuum to remove dirt in a way that protects anything exposed from being damaged.

Duct or Cable Plowing

Direct placement of conduit/pipe or cable at specified depth in one pass with limited disruption to the ground surface.

Bridge Attachments

Installation of troughing, conduit or pipe along the exterior of bridges using a boom truck with a man basket or the like.

Manhole Rebuilds

Rehabilitation of existing manholes including the removal of the existing and placement of a new manhole while maintaining the existing infrastructure in service.

Specialty Services

  • Rock Boring
  • Rock Trenching
  • AXIS Guided Boring
  • Pipe Bursting
  • Pipe Ramming
  • Culvert Cleaning
  • Subdrain Trenching

Other Services

Vault or Chamber Placement • Cable Pulling • Cable Jetting Fibre or Electrical Cable Splicing

Notable Projects

Niagara Fibre Deployment

Niagara Regional Broadband Network

Forty Mile Wind Project

Borea Construction

Experienced Boring Professionals

The team at AVERTEX has been directional boring since its inception in Ontario. Let us help you avoid pitfalls.