Railroad Utilities

AVERTEX is a strong leader within Ontario for the installation and maintenance of utilities along the railway corridor. Our sound, meticulous and thoughtful approach to excavating around national fibre lines and railway signal cables has enabled AVERTEX to grow and develop this sector.
Many of the crews working along the busy rail lines have been doing so for decades and bring a high level of intellect of the railway and respect for its hazards. These crews work closely with the rail flagman to ensure that everyone goes home safe at the end of the day.
With one of the few high-rail bridge bucket trucks in the province, AVERTEX brings a unique ability to install and maintain bridge troughing and utilities. This truck is especially useful in remote and environmentally sensitive regions.
Our experience includes projects for:
  • utility protection
  • utility relocation
  • installation of new utilities and bungalows
  • bridge troughing installation and removal
  • placement within and/or on retaining walls
  • fibre jetting

High Level Installers

AVERTEX has extensive knowledge in bridge toughing and utility installation along rail roads.

Railroads Utilities Gallery

Experienced Boring Professionals

The team at AVERTEX has been directional boring since its inception in Ontario. Let us help you avoid pitfalls.