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As an insurable, bondable, and well-respected organization, AVERTEX offers our customers quality, and often innovative, installations of water transmission systems. Most of our projects involve horizontal directional drilling (HDD) but we offer a complete turnkey service. We have completed projects as diverse as crossing from island to island to installing water intake systems to directional drilling under busy city streets.
Our construction service experience includes installations of:
  • watermains by HDD and open cut (PVC or HDPE)
  • meter, valve, drain or air valve chambers
  • hydrants, gate valve, final connections, etc.
  • water services
  • cast-in-place or precast concrete chambers


With the advent of highly sophisticated and accurate trenchless technology, AVERTEX has become a leader in sewer installation using these methods. When the construction footprint is limited or installation is deep, trenchless methods are the method of choice since they can reduce costs and the area disturbed.
AVERTEX has completed many sewer replacement projects involving the horizontal directional drilling (HDD) or the pipe bursting methods. With the addition of the AXIS™ Guided Boring system to our fleet, AVERTEX can now offer trenchless installation of sewer pipe at any grade with pinpoint accuracy in varying diameters and pipe materials.
It is our intention to continue to develop and expand these areas of service to better serve the needs of our customers in the replacement of our aging infrastructure.

Our construction service experience includes installations of:

  • sewers on grade by AXIS™ Guided Boring System
  • sewers on grade by directional drilling
  • pumping stations and chambers
  • replacement sewers by pipe bursting
  • forcemains via horizontal directional drilling
  • grinder pumps with low pressure systems
  • small diameter gravity flow systems

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AVERTEX prides itself on maintaining a professional and reliable fleet that is ready to service our customer’s needs.

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